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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6/3/14: Happy to be back home in California after a very productive and fun trip to New York. My new CD "Voz" has taken off. With their artistry, humanity and friendship, Magos Herrera , Claudia Acuña and Adam Asarnow , along withLuis Enrique Mejia GodoyJaime Gamboa and Osvaldo Sauma gave the project the perfect start. Now it's time to work with Téka Penteriche andVoice Lois Lois Mahalia, two absolutely wonderful singers who will crown the project with their amazing creativity. Also already part of the recordingJonathan Dane, Dan Ziimmerman, Brendan Statom, Ramses ArayaChris Judge, Tom Etchart, Goerge Friedenthal, Bill FloresNarciso Sotomayor, Ron Kalina, Kevin Winard, Randy Tico, Romulo Castro, Jim Jimmy Calire,Tom Buckner, and many more dear friends. More to came soon!!!!