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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Luis Muñoz thinks with an open palette of sound. His vision of music is as sweeping as the eye can see and absorbs a wide spectrum of color and tone texture, from the sophisticated rough and tumble of the trance-like sound of Afro-centric worship music to the delightful swing of idiomatic phrases that spring from the joyous spirit of jazz. He also draws from the habanera to the calypso and tangos and rondos and other European forms of ecclesiastical music to the heartfelt emotion of gospel. There may be other composers and musicians who “hear” music like Muñoz, but his background in special geometry enables him to see the sound of music sitting on virtual lines and between spaces. This is why his music—especially here, on Invisible sounds as if the sounds are as close to breathing as musical notes will ever get.

TO READ MORE:http://www.latinjazznet.com/2010/05/02/reviews/cds/luis-munoz-invisible/

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